The incredible talent and skills of actress Stina Lundberg

With either the lead or supporting role in several movies, Stina Lunberg’s  acting prowess meets the four corners of the universe and back, and then proceeds to catapult her into her very next role, almost effortlessly.

Stina has played the lead role in films like, Bound, The Way You Kissed Me And Viola,. Her performances in those productions were so great she could then be seen in supporting roles like Color of War, Little Screams, The Key, and Seeking Mr. Brown. All of which are major accomplishments in her field alone. 

Despite having such a hefty list of achievements already Stina adds that her future is “limitless”.  She says she’s going to focus on what’s right in front of her for now,  her upcoming projects. This came right before the news of a very exciting meeting with a pretty big producer last week, adding that she believes something great might come out of it. But that's all she could spare for now.
“Anything is possible! Believe in yourself!” says Stina. To all aspiring performers her advice is practical and easy to follow. She says to both love yourself and everyone around you. As a performer, it’s imperative to maintain your creative flow. Be confident, but never arrogant or egotistical.
Stina Lundberg’s future is just as bright as her past. She has two feature films coming up very soon. One of which she point outs, already has a trailer circulating, and the director plans to screen it at Universal. The other is a feature about two men and one woman on a freight train. Stina remembering her roots and her training added that having two features coming up, and with her in the drivers seat as the lead in both, is “A dream come true”. She draws her inspiration for most, if not all roles from the great Noomi Rapace who she says has always been an inspiration for her. She likes her because she plays parts that are so far from her and so different from her, yet so does it with so much truth and honesty. The great Meryl Streep also made it onto that list as well. Lundberg says she’s always been a big inspiration, calling Streep’s acting natural, effortless and free flowing. 
“That's what I'm aiming for in my acting as well”, says Stina.

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