The talented Amy Field to star in and produce her own play “A single act”.

Amy Field is an extraordinary talented singer and actress.  She is a driven woman who doesn’t back down from a challenge and this shows in her work.  She has been singing since she was very young and has always loved performing.  She strongly believes that hard work pays off and that setting goals is very important for achieving success. 
Amy has had a lot of training, and it has really paid off.  She has trained with Adrian Barnes in acting at the Springboards Performing Arts School.  She also trained under singer Margi Di Ferranti and Pat Wilson.  Amy has taken classes at Darlo Drama and Acting World before attending the Stella Adler Studio of Acting Conservatory Program in 2014.  She also sang with the Australian Youth Choir, an international touring choir, which she was able to pass through the first level and skip right to the training level because of her singing skills.  She has worked hard in all of her endeavors and it has really paid off. 
Amy has featured in many leading roles in several plays.  She has had leading roles in the film Anastasia, as Chrissy, and Independence, as Evelyn.  Amy also starred in Six Degrees of Separation, Anything Goes, and Return to the Forbidden Planet.  Her current project though, may be her biggest yet.  Amy will be launching her own Australian Theatre Company which is named the SWAG Theatre Company.  Amy will be playing the lead role in the company’s first play A Single Act, which she will also be producing.  The theme of A Single Act centers around domestic violence and Amy hopes that the play will help spread awareness and support the cause.  Amy is strong willed and hard working.  Her talent is astounding and she is continuing to better herself every day.

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