How Father Married 5-Year Old Daughter

In Oregon, United States of America (USA), father proposed and married his 5-year old daughter on Friday, July 31, because he realized she would not live long to fulfill that dream.
Daughter, Lila May Schow was reported to have been battling stage 4 of “neuroblastma” cancer for three years. Neuroblastma cancer, I described to be a form of childhood cancer that attacks the nervous system.
According to Lila’s doctors, they disclosed that the family treatment is no longer an option because her body is too weak to receive such treatment.
Due to this development, her parents Heidi Hall and Ryan Schow decided to make her last birthday a special one. With the help of local businesses, donations, and a lot of volunteers, the bash became a reality.
However, everything from the costumes to the music and the food were all donated, and hundreds of people from across the U.S. attended.
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