Meet Lady Gaga's "Magical Children" From American Horror Story: Hotel

It's scary how much information we're getting about American Horror Story: Hotel this week. (See what I did there?) The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features a ton of pictures of the new season, plus they revealed more information than ever about the plot. Star Lady Gaga has been tweeting out pictures from her photo shoot, and one in particular unveils a shocking detail about her character: the Countess is a mother!

That's right, Lady Gaga's character has her own little monsters. We knew the Countess drinks blood (though Murphy doesn't love the term "vampire"), and she has been in a sexy longterm relationship with Donovan (Matt Bomer), but this is the first time we're hearing about her bloodthirsty spawn. They're already terrifying.

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  1. Wow its been a while I saw here like this, she looks good:)