Oh no…not another filmmaker! Well, Nigina is not just another filmmaker, she’s truly an individual whose story is worth listening to. She’s creative, highly intelligent and she understands what’s needed to get a film off the ground and into the theatre.

Nigina Niyazmatova was born and raised in Moscow. Yes, that Moscow. She learned to play classical piano and then she made the mistake of going to a movie house and seeing an American movie. A mistake? Well, not really, but it turned her sights and interests from music to another art form: filmmaking. She simply couldn’t get enough of the movies from Hollywood. She got hooked on those bigger than life films that were directed by those bigger than life American directors who piqued her interest in filmmaking.

When she made the big leap and moved from Moscow to Los Angeles, she was ready; ready to earn a Fine Arts degree in filmmaking and ready to jump on the fast train heading to the heart of the film industry. She started working on films immediately after arriving in L.A. and has built up quite an impressive portfolio and resume. Several of the projects she’s been involved with as a producer, director or assistant director, have gained notoriety and much praise, such as, “Succubus,” “Chypre” and “Redux,” starring Eric Roberts. One of her latest projects was a feature film called “Red Dead”, starring Eric Balfour, Heather Tom and Marina Sirtis. Not only have some of the films she’s worked on been invited to film festivals, but one of them, “Love. Secured,” was selected to be in the Cannes Film Festival.

Nigina speaks Russian, Spanish and English, fluently and she is extremely competent with both Windows and Mac based computers. She is also highly proficient in Final Cut Pro, Power Point, Final Draft, Shot Designer, Excell, Soundtrack Pro and Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting.

Over the last few years, Nigina has been working steadily in the industry and has participated in over twenty films, music videos and commercials. She can and has done every job on the set, (including getting lunch and coffee for the crew) and continues to learn everything she can from seasoned professionals. She sees herself as a work in progress and even though she has won kudos for her short films, and has worked with the famous actors, she knows there is always more to learn and more to do to improve herself and her knowledge of the film business.

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