Oxana Yatsenko

Russian filmmaker Oxana Yatsenko has worked as a producer, director and writer in a long list of films. One of them in particular was the highly acclaimed short film Me. You. Them, which made it into the Cinefest and ACT Festival. She has also worked on several other short films including Pressure-Man, M.O.D., and Repentance.  Her work in the film industry is nothing less than impressive, to say the least. 
Oxana is one of those spectacular creative minds who sets her sights on a project and changes the way the audience really looks at a film. She has always loved to travel and learn about other cultures and listen to other people’s stories, whether good or bad.  It is this very curiosity and her love of stories that led her to make the move to Los Angeles.  After completing her studies at the world famous New York Film Academy, within no time, she was actively working on the set of some amazing productions. Oxana is an extraordinary talent and has the vision to match when it comes to lending her skills and expertise to a production.
One of Oxana’s proudest moments was when her thesis at the New York Film Academy was so astonishing that it made it into the Palm Springs Film Market and the Cannes Short Film Corner.  This was an amazing feat for anybody to accomplish. 
Furthermore, in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, Oxana has already reached the top of her game, working on many great films with incredible people and setting an example to others on how to create a successful film. She truly believes that the biggest part of filmmaking is the team that you’re a part of. “The team of people that you work with on a film can make or break the way you feel about your work”- Oxana Yatsenko.           

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