Pavle Mara, who is featured in the soon to be released film “Killing Joan,” is having a great time being an actor. He sees it all as a wonderful experience and he thinks he’s one of the luckiest guys on the planet to have the opportunity to act on stages all over the world and to be in the movie business. Of course, he worked really hard to get where he is. He earned a Fine Arts degree in acting from the New York Film Academy and he has traveled around the world to take interesting parts on the stage and in film that have helped shape this serious actor’s skills and attitudes.

He lived in Beijing for some time and played the part of ‘Copernicus’ in the play “Love of The Nightingale.” Being there was an eye opening experience for him on many levels. He enjoyed the country so much that he learned to speak Chinese while he was there and was trained in Shao Lin Kung Fu by a master. When he was in Singapore, (does this guy get around or what?) he had the role of ‘Baker’ in the musical “Into The Woods”

Los Angeles, which Pavle calls home now, opened other theatrical doors and gave him the chance to play ‘Captain Hook’ and ‘Mr. Darling’ (as per tradition) in “Peter Pan The Musical,” which brought the audience to their feet. The city has also tapped Pavle to be featured in several meaty roles in films such as, “In The Wilderness” and next year’s blockbusters “Killing Joan” and “The Party @ Connor Perry’s House”. Internationally, Pavle got the nod to work in Serbia on Darko Bajic’s hit film “We Will Be The World Champions,” (Bicermo Prvaci Sveta).  He enjoyed the work in Europe and it gave him a chance to see the country of his heritage, Serbia. His life long travels taught him a few languages. Pavle speaks fluent Serbian, Spanish, Chinese and of course, standard American English, along with numerous accents such as, Irish, British, Russian, Jamaican, Italian, Texan and New Yawk, (yes, New Yawk).

Pavle also does voice-overs and is 5 ft. 11 inches with an athletic build. He keeps fit by practicing yoga, martial arts, boxing, swimming and playing almost every sport known to man (phew). He can play any role from a Caucasian, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Eurasian (and he believes more) in anything from a young teenager to a middle-aged man.

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