Did ISIS target Queen Elizabeth?

United kingdom prime Minister David Cameron faces questions Tuesday after he confirmed the killing of  Britons in a UK drone strike inside Syria -- regardless of Britain's Parliament having voted in 2013 towards united kingdom military movement in Syria.

Cameron instructed Parliament on Monday that Reyaad Khan became killed in a centered attack by means of a united kingdom Royal Air force drone as he changed into driving in a car near the ISIS-managed Syrian metropolis of Raqqa last month.

A fellow Briton, Ruhul Amin, turned into one among two other ISIS warring parties killed within the strike, he said in a assertion that still mentioned united kingdom plans to soak up up to twenty,000 Syrian refugees over the subsequent five years.

Khan become the target of the navy action, Cameron said -- and a valid one because he changed into making plans armed attacks on British soil.

"They were ISIL warring parties, and i can verify that there have been no civilian casualties," the high Minister said, the use of an alternative acronym for ISIS.

"We took this motion because there has been no alternative. In this location, there may be no authorities we will work with; we have no army at the floor to detain those making ready plots; and there has been nothing to signify that Reyaad Khan might ever go away Syria or desist from his choice to murder us at domestic, so we had no manner of preventing his deliberate assaults on our usa with out taking direct action."

united kingdom Defence Secretary Michael Fallon informed united kingdom media Tuesday that the authorities could "no longer hesitate" to repeat the action if there has been no other way to prevent a fear attack in Britain.

"those have been terrorists who had been planning a series of assaults on the streets of our country, some related to public occasions," he said. "There are other terrorists making similar plans and we need to do what we are able to to keep our streets safe."

A Ministry of Defence news release cited testimonies via the every day specific and every day Telegraph newspapers reporting that Khan become plotting an attack on Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. Cameron failed to specify what his alleged plans concerned.

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