Holiday Gifts: Unusual Gifts

When find yourself with someone on your holiday gift list who is difficult to buy for, sometimes your best bet is to go for something out of the ordinary.  Gifts that work to bring about harmony and peace in the environment are sure to please.  From simple gifts of  candles, crystals, and CD's that play the soothing sounds of wind, rain and babbling brooks, to salt lamps, singing bowls and Zen sand gardens, the choices are plentiful.

You can choose jewelry made of amber, an organic gemstone that is professed to draw negative energy and turn it to positive energy leading to health and well being.   Most people, when they think of amber think of the honey colored or the milky white but amber can also be found in brown, red, blue, black and green.  You can also buy gifts of jewelry made out of the crystals for your astrological sign.  Chlorite quartz is another healing mineral said to cleanse ones aura and makes a gift that is beautiful to look at.

On the more unusual side would be a gift of a negative ion producing lamp made of salt crystal rock.  This rock  naturally ionizes the air by releasing negative ions (electronically charged molecules of oxygen) thereby removing things like pollen, dust and animal dander from the air.  The core of the piece of salt crystal is hollowed out then a light bulb is placed inside.  The resulting heat from the light bulb starts the ions flowing into the air.  Even if you aren't interested in the healing qualities of the lamp, you end up with very pretty pieces to display on your dresser or end table.

We all know our moods and our health can be greatly affected by sound.  Dissonant , loud sounds cause tension and if too prolonged can cause ill health.  Other sounds energize the body and relax the mind.  Singing bowls fall into this category.  They are made from a mix of metals from the Himalayas, Tibet and India.  When you strike and/or rub the bowl with a wooden mallet the multi-octave tones that are produced will relax and heal your mind as well as your body.  Hand made bells called Rustic Noah Bells are believed to scare off bad spirits.  Hang them near your home for good energy.  The beautiful deep tone of the larger bells provides a superb sound to accompany your meditation.

In the Feng Shui shops you will also find a large selection of clothing to wear when meditating, books, videos, prayer flags and lots of different oils to energize the body mind and spirit.  You might also be interested in the Chakra Bears.  Legend says that when the sun shines through the mist in the Smokey Mountains it forms a beautiful rainbow.  Every twenty years this rainbow touches the earth and rainbow Chakra bears are born.   Each color has a different purpose.  For instance the blue bear will listen with endless patience while the yellow bear's purpose is to make you successful.

Visit a store that specializes in Feng Shui products and you will find gifts of aromatherapy, incense, table top fountains, mirrors and plenty of books to explain the theories behind everything.


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