Surprising Facts about Eye Bags and the Best Treatments for Them

Having eye bags can be one of the most annoying as well as unbecoming things because they not only make you look tired, they make you look older too. As most people age, they get bags of skin with fluid forming under their eyes. There are many different ways of treating eye bags like surgical procedures but they tend to be quite expensive and they require a lot of time to recover leave alone the fact that they are risky. 

Understanding eye bags

The bags found under the eyes could be caused by inflammation or swelling and even though there are many causes, old age is the most common one. Some of the signs of eye bags are swelling of the lower eyelid area, loose skin and shadow bulging in the lower eyelid. Fluid retention or fat deposits in the area where the skin sags, poor blood circulation, skin breaking or thinning, poor skin drainage system, loss of skin elasticity and smoothness are what normally cause them.

Most of these problems occur due to stress, unhealthy food, illness and several other issues. Now, before you get the right treatment, you need to be aware of all the ingredients in the product so you can determine if it will work for you. There are numerous products in the market and you want to be careful because you might worsen the situation. 


There are numerous people in the world all trying to find the best eye bag treatment. Now one of the best ingredients in an eye bag treatment is Eyeliss, it increases circulation as well as drainage and reduces skin elasticity. 

A second ingredient you should look for is Cynergy TK, which is a natural substance and one of the best you can possibly have for that job because it stimulates the growth of elastin protein and collagen.
You can also check out Haloxyl, it is a unique substance that targets hemoglobin in the skin and it has been proven to decrease eye bags as well as dark circles by at least sixty percent and it works even better when used with Eyeliss, which will repair and rejuvenate the skin. 

Homeoage is another good eye bag treatment and it helps reduce wrinkles. This ingredient has the ability to repair and stimulate cell growth. 

There is also a facial exercise treatment that a lot of people have found effective, they help to tighten the skin as well as keep the ligaments firm. One of those exercises involves keeping two fingertips over the bags while closing the eyes while looking upwards and applying some pressure. You can also lay a cool object under the eyes, which is an old method, but very effective. Cucumber slices work but green tea substances are better at decreasing swelling and inflammation. 

Different treatment options people try are

Make up - Unless you are an expert on makeup then you can be sure that it will not hide your eye bags. You will hide them for a while but people will notice them and when you take the makeup off, they will still be there. 

Botox - This is one of the most expensive treatments and lasts for about three to six months. 

Diet changes - Well, eating healthy is always good for all treatments but this will take so much longer to cure eye bags and you really have to watch what you eat like lots of fruit, vegetables and very little meat. 

Eye lifts - Just as expensive as Botox and not permanent either, you might have possible effects and complications and the healing process takes quite a while. 
Skin creams - creams cannot be considered expensive and you can find some that are made of natural ingredients. Creams are easy to use and they may work for more things than eye bags on your face. 

Collagen injections - Also expensive but it help to pump the skin and might work for you to get rid of the eye bags but they might not diminish completely. 

Quit smoking - Quitting smoking will definitely improve your health as well as wrinkles and eye bags but they takes quite long to end. 

Sun exposure- If you try to stay indoor away from the sun it will reduce the risk for having eye bags but if they have already formed they will definitely not end.

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