The Actor’s Actor- Adrian Annis

Watching Adrian work on the set was an incredible experience. Every actor has a different way of getting into his or her character and it’s interesting to actually see the transformation happen right in front of your own eyes. He invited me onto the set so I could ask him a few more questions to round out my previous interview. As I talked I noticed that Adrian’s consciousness began to pull away from me and he was becoming more distant. His answers were also becoming a bit shorter each time I asked him something. 

After a few minutes I realized that Not only should I not get impatient with this artist, but I should watch closely and take notes on what was really happening. Adrian wasn’t ignoring me, he was getting into character. He knew that the Assistant director would be coming to his trailer any minute telling him that he was needed on the set.

Adrian was gone now. I could clearly see that he was someone else and no matter what I asked him, that guy sitting in front of me wouldn’t respond as Adrian. So, I just sat back and enjoyed the show. This guy, I thought, is brilliant. He’s also having a lot of fun. He gets to “BE” somebody else and he gets paid for doing it. Throughout his career and the scores and scores of films, commercials and TV projects he’s done, he’s quietly become a master actor. He can go from one character to the next in each project he does and live that in character for as long  as is needed. He does this not only because loves doing it, but because he has to do it. By that I simply mean that Adrian can’t NOT do it – he must act to feel alive. An actor once told me that if wasn’t an actor he would build boats. Those were the only two things that made sense to him in this life.

I think Adrian is the same way only instead of boat building I wonder what he would do if he couldn’t act. It was too late to ask because he wasn’t in the same room anymore anyway. That other guy was still there, of course, the guy who looked exactly like Adrian, but what good was he to me? I needed Adrian. Where’s an actor when you really need one?

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