Versatile and popular international actor Pierre Macko

Who’s that tall, handsome French actor who speaks his native French so beautifully, as well as fluent English and mesmerizes the audience with his ability to become any character so convincingly? Pierre Macko is indeed that person. He’s the same one that people have been talking about so much and wondering when his next film is coming out.

Pierre is a marvelously believable actor perhaps because he has studied the Sanford Meisner technique of acting. This is different than “the method,” which works on the internal emotions and sense memory of the actor. The Meisner technique creates the character externally and promotes using one’s imagination instead of reliving past emotional experiences to fill out the character. It also encourages improvisation. A short list of Meisner trained actors includes, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, James Franco and John Turturro, among many, many more. Pierre studied this effective way to get to a character’s core in Paris, Brussels and Los Angeles. The better the technique – the better the character. The better the teacher – the better the actor.  

Of course, acting isn’t all training and work for this tall, well-built, blue-green eyed thespian. It’s actually a lot of fun! He gets to meet the most interesting in the world, all over the world, by the way. And he has seen and acted in some very ancient, beautiful and historic places all over Europe. Ahh…the actor’s life! When he got a leading role in the feature film “Tracker,” he landed in Belgium for that one. He felt quite at home there, maybe because Pierre was actually raised in Belgium. Of course, no matter where he is, he feels pretty much at home. Although he’s a French citizen, he considers himself to be an international citizen, so, each country he visits is his home, even though it may only be temporary.

Pierre can play any character, whether it’s a businessman, a prince or a king, a journalist, or God forbid, a politician. His youthful good looks and talent have enabled him to maneuver through countless auditions and get to the top of his field in a very short amount of time. His flexibility and good humor has allowed him to stay there.

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