Charlie Clark pictured alongside Alec Whaite in the stage play 'ART' by Yasmina Reza

Thank you, United Kingdom, for sending Charlie Clark over to Hollywood. He has brightened up the mood and added a lot of needed energy to this palm tree studded heart of the film industry. He has also demonstrated some wonderful and traditional British attributes for us yanks, such as high intelligence, superb manners, stick-to-itiveness, a clever sense of humor and a remarkable acting ability on both stage and screen. 

Yes, this brief thank you note was sent to all of Great Britain recently and we’re waiting for a response. We can wait, however, as long as it takes, because Charlie Clark is in our possession, as he has decided to make Hollywood his new home. We can now rest easy knowing that one of the great actors of the world is in our midst and won’t be taking the many awards he is destined to win back to that royal island just to the left of mainland Europe.

We are definitely glad that Charlie Clark came here to act. Ever since he left Portsmouth, England, to be a working actor in the United States, things have gotten better for the whole country. About the time he was playing Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in Los Angeles, the stock market started moving up rapidly. When Charlie starred in Waiting For Godot, housing values increased noticeably. His presence in the plays The History Boys and Art coincided with the addition of over half a million jobs in this country. What do you make of that?

We don’t make anything of it; we give Charlie Clark all the credit because we believe in giving credit where credit is due. Without Charlie here, our country and perhaps the entire planet would be sinking in a pit of unhappiness, boredom and economic doldrums. He belongs in Hollywood, where arguably, the best of the best come to act in movies and plays. Charlie is one of the best and now we just heard that even though he is in two, soon to be released films, he is making a hard right turn and becoming a writer and director. That was great news for those of us who have been following his career. Great actors usually make terrific directors who make breathtaking movies. We say, “Yes,” to Charlie’s decision to write and direct and we can’t wait to see him at the Oscars.

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