What can you say about a guy who has everything? That, of course, is a rhetorical question, which doesnt require an answer. But, if an answer were required, perhaps something like, Well, does he really have everything? might suffice. Yes, weve answered a question with a question and were not embarrassed by it.
So, does Sam Hayden-Smith really have everything?

A pessimist might say that since Sam doesnt possess the wealth of the universe (yet) that he definitely does not have everything. An optimist, on the other hand, might answer that Sam has everything simply because he is doing what he wants to do, which is acting, and has the love and support of his family and friends. He also has the respect of his acting peers and that is demonstrated on a regular basis by Sams range of acting roles hes gotten and the innumerable parts hes been cast in.

Now, were just using Sam Hayden-Smith here because after looking at a roster of thespians we concluded that he, and he alone deserves to be singled out as a prime example of what an actor should be doing to be labeled as one who has everything. Sam definitely fits that description. Hes great looking, and that is an understatement, because he still models professionally when hes not on auditions or acting, directing or writing movies. Hes talented. We should say that he is not just talented with a small t but his years of training and acting professionally have forged him into a genuinely focused artist who can climb into a characters skin in a matter of moments and be convincing enough to turn the heads of other actors.

Yes, Sam Hayden-Smith has it all in the estimation of this writer. He has the looks of a movie star, the skill of a journeyman and he carries himself with the confidence of a prince. He is also as humble and wide-eyed as a child, only in a tall mans body. If you didnt see Sam in the TV series Crownies or Always Greener, or the numerous other shows hes been in, then youll be able to catch him in the soon to be released major motion picture, The Spirit of the Game.

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