One thing that I love to do as a new filmmaker is attend industry seminars and conferences. Not only are they great ways to learn new techniques, network and pitch your projects, they are also valuable due to the many professional directors, producers, cinematographers etc. that attend, giving talks on their career and how they came to be where they are now. It’s also an opportunity to speak with them one on one in a personal environment to discover who they like to work with and who they think will be “the next big thing”. I was recently at one of these seminars and was lucky enough to talk with the producer and director of a film called “1500 Steps” that has just hit the shelves at Walmart. So one of my questions naturally was who was a stand out in the cast that they think people should keep an eye on and they both unanimously agreed Tara Jay is the one to watch. The producer said “Her talent and enthusiasm is what a director looks for in an actor. I'd recommend Tara for any production without hesitation." He took his own advice and cast her immediately in his next film “Bush Boys’.
I was later chatting with another producer who was there pitching some of her work when the name Tara Jay popped up again. It just so happens, that she was cast in an award winning webseries she had produced. She told me "Tara’s acting talent is so phenomenal and rare that it came as no surprise when she won Outstanding Actress at the LA Web fest 2014”
I struck up another conversation with a director at the pitching forum and started telling her about this actress everyone was talking about and to no surprise she had also worked with Tara Jay on the short film version of her upcoming feature. She also had nothing but praise for her talent saying "Tara impressed from the moment we met her. She brought to the audition a level of professionalism shown by only very few others. Her acting ability outshone that of her competitors."
This Industry seminar turned out to be one of the best I had been to. Not only did I learn new skills and talk shop with lots of directors and producers I also discovered that I must work with this brilliant actress Tara Jay before she becomes too famous and I can’t afford her anymore.

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