Finally a way to deal with loud neighbors! This awesome revenge CD makes it sound like you’ve taken up playing an instrument. Badly. For very long. Put a track on loop and leave the house. By the time you get back they’ll be packing to move.

My favorite one is the horrific violin. Listen:

Whether your loud neighbors annoy you with parties, dogs, music, or loud TV you now have a secret weapon that’s sinister, inventive, and inconspicuous all at once; All you need is a stereo and this CD. You'll "practice your trombone" for hours at no effort but great results...

How to deal with loud neighbors? The answer is one click away! Bad Music for Loud Neighbors Volume 1 and 2 is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and by mail from:

Get Bad Music for Loud Neighbors right now and let the revenge begin!

Bad Music for Loud Neighbors on iTunes:

Bad Music for Loud Neighbors on Amazon:

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