The Spectacular Work of Actress Dimitra Barla

Dimitra Barla is a spectacular actress with many amazing talents.  She is a dancer of both classical and contemporary styles, she acts, directs, and evens writes.  Dimitra has been dancing since she was five, when she fell in love with performing, and she has been acting since age ten, when she decided that acting was going to be her career. 
Dimitra’s talent has been used heavily in several starring roles in films, commercials, and theatrical performances alike.  Dimitra even has her our production company called ‘Laridae Performing Arts’ which she has used to produce several shows.  Dimitra has developed her theatre company from the ground up and she is proud of the amazing progress it has made.  Her company performs shows regularly and they are highly praised.  She has been in numerous films where she was the leading lady, including Not by Choice, Fire and Ice, Take This Waltz, Nausicaa, and The Cypress Deep Down.  She has also starred in many plays over the years, such as Dona Rosita, Last Night I Met You Dreaming, and Medusa: The Lady in the Mirror.  Dimitra also has a Greek feature film that is going to be screened at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival that she is extremely excited about.  Her amazing list of talents just keeps growing. 
Dimitra has worked very hard to accomplish all of her achievements.  She began studying at the Embros Drama School right out of high school and received her Diploma in Acting from the Greek Ministry of Culture.  After receiving her diploma, she moved to where she pursued her Masters in Acting at the East 15 Acting School.  She trained with Le Theatre L’Homme Company in Toronto, Canada.  She has accomplished so much already, we really can’t wait to see what she does next!

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