Actor Edward Coupland on set of E! Entertainment's Fashion Police with the late Joan Rivers

Who is this guy, anyway? He comes over to Hollywood, all the way from England, which is like 5,400 miles, and everyone welcomes him with open arms. And I don’t mean that people are simply making a mild attempt to be cordial, but the whole movie industry is acting like Mr. Edward Coupland is the answer to all of their problems. What’s going on here, anyway?

Actor Edward Coupland on set of E! Entertainment's Fashion Police with the late Joan Rivers
Okay, first of all, we do have to admit that after meeting this man who can completely throw you for a loop with his charm, talent and the most perfect American Standard English accent you’ll ever hear, we were impressed. Then, after seeing several of his performances, especially in the feature film Spo0k, Edward had the lead role, and the standout short film Bottlenose, we came away with the feeling of ‘where has Edward been and why hasn’t he been making movies for the last fifty years for us and the past generations to enjoy.’ Yes, we did go a little far on that one, because Edward is a young, handsome man, so just scratch out the fifty years and concentrate on the first part – where has Edward been?

The short answer, perhaps the only answer is that Edward was in England all this time studying acting at RADA, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and with the legendary acting coach, Paul Gregory, who was mentored by Sir Laurence Olivier, himself. Oh, we had no idea. So, apparently, Mr. Edward Coupland has some street cred and the Hollywood crowd is not just laying down palm fronds in his path because they think his American accent is perfect. They must have seen his sterling performances in the aforementioned entertainments in addition to his work on the recently released comedy Bikini Model Academy, in which he acted along side of Gary Busey and Morgan Fairchild.

We also caught Edward on ‘E!’s Fashion Police,’ working with the late and quite funny, Ms. Joan Rivers. We told you this guy gets around. They got on remarkably well and Edward had nothing but great things to say about Joan. “Joan was such a fabulous women and achieved so much in her career. We had a great time and some of the unscripted jokes she came out with...I was struggling to keep a straight face! She will be sadly missed by all." Maybe, just maybe… Hollywood is so upbeat about Edward Coupland not only because he is a terrific actor, but also because he is a gentleman and knows how to give credit where credit is due. A rare commodity in that town.

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  1. I watched Bottlenose and Sp0ok over the weekend. They are obviously low budget films so it's unfair to be overly critical but I thought it was noteworthy that Ed is comfortably the worst actor in both productions. Does anyone know who he trained under?