Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into performing?

My name is Pilar Calvo, originally from Spain. I studied Law, but my passion was always acting, performing arts and dance. While studying, I was also learning Salsa and funk. My first performance was dancing salsa in Zaragoza, Spain, at 17 years old and  dancing Salsa between the ages of 17 and 23. My first contact with acting was In Madrid, at the Cristina Rota School. This course changed my mind and my life, but I just didn't know it in that moment. When I finished my studies in law, I got carried away with my feelings, I took a risk and left the comfort zone of my life, my family and parents and I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina by myself. In Argentina I was training in Tango with Alejandra Mantiñan , a super great teacher of Tango. Training with Vanesa Villalba and Juan Paulo of Forever Tango was also an incredible experience for me with such awesome teachers. 

I started performing Tango with the ballet company of Eliana Sanchez  in theater and in the Milongas with the group. I was dancing tango in the famous area known as
“Caminito” in San Telmo. It was a wonderful experience dancing in the street, very romantic, I will never forget one day dancing in Caminito in the rain. For me, I just enjoyed learning something new every day. 

At the same time I studied acting in Buenos Aires with: 

  • School of Theatre “El Túnel” (Buenos Aires) with the director Carlos Evaristo. Training improvisation and text. 
  • Lili Popovich, training characterization of the character 
  • Film Research Center (Centro de Investigación cinematográfica) Acting for Film with Paula Hernández. 

Buenos Aires opened it’s doors to art and I am eternally grateful for the tango and the great teachers of acting, the city and culture that has shown me another way of living, in the present. Buenos Aires suddenly resurrected me. I was filming my last days in there  and also participated in the filming of the movie Tangoman with the role of Christina Lover. 

What inspired you to get into this industry?

Really the inspiration has always been within me, only that I was asleep, or hidden, for various personal reasons and suddenly awoke. Even though I started dancing as an adult, my teachers told me that I have all I needed to prepare for acting. It doesn’t matter what age I started to dance, study dance or acting.  My first teacher of Tango, Roque Castellano In Zaragoza, was the first person who told me “you have talent, go ahead and pursue your dreams” 
In regards to acting and theater, many people encouraged me to pursue it and to be confident in myself, "because it’s your way. they told me “be patient and trust in yourself”. People close to me in Tango always said that my personality and very expressive gestures meant that I should study theater. Suddenly, I would be walking down the street and strangers would come up to me and ask if I was an actress, then others would follow. So it was then that I thought to myself, maybe it’s a signal from God (smiles). This happened in Rome also, (because I went to Rome for two months training one summer with Alejandra Mantiñan and training in classical ballet too). But the most important thing for me now is that I’m awake and I can’t imagine my life doing anything else. Acting is like the air that I breathe. If I can’t breathe, I will die. 

What has been your favorite role to play so far ?
I really enjoy all roles , because they are authentic and each have something to say.
However, really enjoyed the role of Black Widow, as I like the playing the role of seduction and power. I laughed a lot making Pepa, playing the role of the fat wife in a comedy of a 30-year marriage ending and feeling worn .
Also Lizzie “Le putain respectuose 1952”  de Jean Paul Sartre. In this film Lizzie was a prostitute  who accidentally becomes the witness to a crime committed by a white member of the Government . She receives strong pressure to blame this on an innocent black person. I like the roles of madness, love, sadness, drama, comedy, every role but always those with intensity and passion. 

What has been one of your biggest achievements in your career so far?

T act in the film Tangoman. Also I have had the opportunity to study with really incredible teachers. Also, I’m thinking of my own ideas for a movie. I’m starting with little things. You can see the next video, is an introduction about a short film

What projects do you have coming up?

I just arrived in Los Angeles and I am looking forward to expanding my opportunities with a good attitude and being positive and at the same time attending the Stella Adler School of Acting. I’m here and READY!  So let’s go ahead! (smiles)

Who would you most like to work with?

I would like to work with Woody Allen, Al Pacino, maybe we could dance Tango in a scene similar to the scene in Scent of a Woman, haha.  Almodóvar, Will Smith, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Tarantino!, I’m currently training in Taekwondo, maybe Quentin Tarantino is looking for a Spanish ninja for a new version of Kill Bill! (laughs)

What are your plans for the future?

My future plan is to remain in Los Angeles for now, then moving to New York. I would also like to act in the Italian language. Also to continue the Tango and train for the World Championships. In the future. I would like to produce and direct my own films as well. 

What is your advice to aspiring performers?

Do things with soul, just feel every emotion, the desire to trust yourself
Our light is inside us just waiting for the kindle. To then deploy our potential and our strength .Do not pay attention to external and superficial things, because they are not real , pay attention to our insides . Then faith, all we have to do is start. The important thing is to overcome all obstacles and listen to our hearts, which has much to say, and if you give it the permission, then you can express everything! 
See the Video below:

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  1. Impresive words Pilar ;) Admiring. Congratulations for being who you are.