Interview with Gydja's founder and designer, Lilja

Gydja´s founder and designer, Lilja, had had a dream for years. Her dream was to design and create meaningful and unique products but with something extra…an extra touch that would give women the confidence to be themselves and to follow their matter what those dreams might be.

She knew that having good self-confidence when pursuing one´s dreams is vital for a successful outcome. So It came as no surprise that her brand was named Gydja Collection, Gydja meaning goddess in Icelandic.
When did you first realize you wanted to be a designer?
"I´ve always been creative and as a child I designed and made my clothes and for my friends too. 
One particular day when I was 24 years old and travelling in Egypt I found myself  drawn into a local leather store.
When inside this small store I noticed some magic in the air, as if I were there for a reason.  I didn´t know it then but this particular day would have tremendous impact on my life. This was the day that marks the beginning of my brand, Gydja Collection!"

Lilja designed her first pair of boots and handbag right there on the spot in the store and few days later she received her creations as final products that were produced by the store owner.

When arriving in Iceland with her newly made handbag and boots Lilja soon got excellent feedback
from others, who were eager to get their hands on the new trendy designs.

"As business thinking comes naturally to me, after growing up in a business environment, I made sure to met the demand and I found a well established manufacturer for my new collection of shoes and handbags."

Gydja Collection´s first collection completely sold out in a week! This became a regular occurrence and Lilja soon developed her product range to meet the growing demand.
Today the company proudly offers a broad range of accessories, jewellery and exotic perfumes.

What inspires you as an Entrepreneur?

"From the start my mission with Gydja Collection has been to empower women to greatness by strengthening and building their self-confidence."
 She has accomplished this through her beautiful range of products and also by other means.
"After being approached regularly, by women wanting my advice on starting a business I started Empower Women seminars. There I teach women how to put their business ideas into action. The seminars have developed over the years and today I throw Empower Women Retreats in the mystic and spiritual environment of Bali with a very talented therapist, called Osk."
Right from the start the media has followed Lilja and her adventure with Gydja Collection closely. She is regularly featured on various large worldwide media platforms as well as being a guest at high profile events.
Lilja has also co-authored in two business books that both became best sellers

What gives you the inspiration to write and become an Author as well?

"It is just so meaningful to give back and inspire others. That strives me and I want to do more of it so I have few more upcoming book projects in the making. That is very exciting for me."
For interested readers you can find Lilja and Gydja online here: and
Lilja´s instagram is: lilja_wild_child and Gydja´s Instagram is: gydjacollection

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