Lilja shares insider secrets on new collections she has in the making for the Icelandic lifestyle label Gydja Collection

Lilja, a free spirit designer from Iceland who is now preparing the launch of her exotic line of perfumes in the UK has exciting new products in the making and she was kind enough to share with us some of the insider secrets.

She is one of Iceland's leading female entrepreneurs and is now coming with her unique line of perfumes to the UK. We were keen to know more about her upcoming projects being the designer and founder of this truly unique lifestyle brand from the land of fire and Ice, Gydja Collection.

Lilja´s perfume collections by Gydja is a line of three truly unique fragrances and something we haven´t seen before, as they are the only glacier and volcano perfumes in the world. They are called after the glacier that they come from, Eyjafjallajökull is the first female perfume that came out from Gydja, the next was Vatnajökull for men and then Hekla for ladies. All made from the glaciers and volcanoes that they are named after. And that is not all, they also come with a piece of authentic lava stone from the volcano.

When we asked her about what she is up to now and if she has something new in the making for Gydja Collection she replayed:
"I´ve been extremely busy preparing the brand for Christmas as that is pretty big season for us. There is allot to think of and you have to fill your stocks so now we keep our producers busy." she laughs and continues.
" But yes we have new things in the making that we are so excited about. It is a brand new collection of handbags made from eco friendly Icelandic fish leather that we are producing in Italy and a new type of Gydja watch of the year. I love to use the eco friendly fish leather in my accessories as it has so good texture and beautiful finish. Also it is a big plus to be able to use materials from my origin, Iceland. I want to add a part of my magical country to the stuff that I create. That makes it unique and holds a piece of me as well, so I love it." and now she has to say goodbye as this busy woman has to get back to work.

Lilja´s brand Gydja Collection has become a firm favourite with celebrities including Nicole Scherzinger, Emma Watson and Eva Longoria and we understand why.

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