Ursula Maria in "Loop

"The physical and emotional demands of this movie are intense, with a unique set of requirements. Ursula’s beauty is unquestionable, but it's her unique physicality and emotional availability that make her such a perfect fit for Loop”. Wow, what a nice compliment from producer Carmine Perrelli who is very happy to have Ursula Maria play the lead role in his latest project.

“LOOP”, so the name of it, is a creepy horror short film written and directed by award winning director Kely McClung that deals with our obsession and the possible danger of internet fame.
Ursula Maria in "Loop
“The shoot was super exciting and a lot of fun but also physically very demanding. Being a trained dancer and athletic definitely helped a lot,” says Ursula, who just got back from Chicago where the filming took place. “I just love great stories and when I read the script I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of it.”

“LOOP” is currently being edited and should be finished before the end of this year like a few other projects that Ursula has been a part of. “It’s always so exciting to see the end product. There is so much that happens in post production and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I got the opportunity to work with some lovely and very passionate people lately and I am grateful for that,” she says.

And what’s next for her? “There are two feature films I am happy to have been cast in. In one of them my character is also a dancer. It’s always nice to combine acting and dancing, two things I love.”

Sounds exciting!

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