Dream of India: Chronicling a Journey in a Diverse and Vibrant Land

India is arguably one of the most diverse and beautiful nations on the planet. With its amazing mix of cultures and postcard scenery, there are endless opportunities there for exploration and discovery. Croatian travellers Jelena Nikolic and Sanjin Kastelan are looking to share their journey through this rich and colourful nation via the media of video, photography, and blogging. They fell in love with India after working at a yoga retreat there last year, and would love to help others to do the same.
            Jelena and Sanjin are looking to fund their project via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. One of their focuses will be food, as they wish to display the beautiful and unique culinary offerings that India has to offer. They plan to make weekly uploads that capture the essence of India, and transport the audience to its bustling cities, traditional villages, and picturesque countryside.
            The overall aim of this project is to alter the way in which people perceive India. Oftentimes, when people think India, they think of squalor and poverty. In reality, these things exist in every nation, and are only one side to India. Perhaps this project could help to challenge preconceptions and replace prejudices with a new, more positive image. You can check it out at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dream-of-india--3#/

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