There’s only one Claudia Ferrazzani and she is a powerhouse of an actress. Her new series is coming out in 2016 in which she plays nurse Maria Conti in Emergency L.A. She’ll also be part of a terrific cast in Virus of the Dead, which was just completed and then maybe she can take a little breathing break for while. She deserves it.

Claudia has done quite a lot of professional acting on stage and screen in Italy and in the UK, where, incidentally, she received her degree (with honors, I might add) in Theatre studies (acting). In fact, it seems as though she’s been acting all of her life. She got the acting bug when she eight years old and hasn’t stopped since. She has no intention of ever stopping as far as that goes.

She became rather obsessed with acting and decided to learn everything that was needed to be the best actress the world had ever seen. She studied fencing, (stand back please), horse back riding, martial arts, (we told you to stand back, please), swimming and a lot of other things including dancing, diction and even driving different types of cars so she would always be on top of her game and be ready no matter what is thrown at her as an actress.

Of course, she put a lot of those skills to work when she was heavy into theatre, playing parts in so many Shakespeare plays that she almost forgot she was Italian and not English. That’s what her language skills have done for her – made her into a woman who has no fear speaking in perfect Italian or in fluent English whenever each is called for.

Claudia Ferrazzani can do anything any director requests. She is a consummate professional who always hits her mark, knows her lines and can cut you to the quick with a slash of her Epée. (We warned you to stand back).

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