Actor Umar Khan

Meet Actor Umar Khan- Hollywood's best kept secret and a master of Martial Arts. Extreme fighter and an amazing spectacle of power, speed and diversity- Wow!, he’s an incredible and daring character. Umar Khan is a force to be reckoned with in Show business! With his dark complexion and massive muscular physique, he moves like a dancer and holds your attention like a rock star as you witness his magic on screen.
Actor Umar Khan on set of Captain America
Beginning his acting career as a stunt man in several films by the age of 20, Umar's big break came when he landed his first job in one of the leading television networks in Sweden. After proving himself as an actor, several job opportunities were soon to follow in his career. Appearing in such productions as Veracious Perception, Miami Heat, The Hit Man and The Test, the roles kept on coming for this talented actor. For a man who has a great passion for physical activities, Umar Khan soon began another physically strenuous career in extreme sports popularly known as ‘X’ sports, while still continuing acting in mainstream roles. Umar's success in this field of his career, in particularly, stands out.
So far, Umar has appeared in several feature films in Sweden, including Bella & Real (Manus AV-Productions), playing Ali, Veracious Perception (Igelkott Films), playing the lead of Robert, Gangster (Isis Cataegis Pictures) playing Tony and the list goes on. Television wise, Umar can also be seen in such productions as Cleo (Tre Vanner Produktion), playing Carlos, Spung 2.0) SVT/Mint AD) where he played the role of Martin. There is nothing this talented actor cannot do and do it well!
His library of videos shows an efficient and action-packed Martial Artist at his best. His movements are liquid but firm almost surreal but as real as it gets. Umar commands attention with his every movement and style. There is no stopping this moving target by the name of Umar Khan. He is a triple threat, with looks, talent and a contagious personality.
Umar is relentless in his charge and that makes for an entertaining action star in the world of Showbiz. Umar has a sizzling presence on screen and off and his movement is bound to leave the audience breathless. There is definitely much more to come from this exciting and talented star as he is now stepping foot in the Mecca of films and television, Hollywood. In the short amount of time he has been in the USA, he has already done some amazing work in significant roles on “Close Range”, “Scorpion”, “Rush Hour”, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” and most recently “Captain America 3: Civil War” and on top of that developed his own Action Design and Action Team. There is no limit for this young talent only sky is the limit and there is no doubt that with the pace he is achieving things now, he’ll soon reach the stars.

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