Model, Fitness professional, personal trainer, beautiful woman and actress, how can one person have so many titles? Flame Emin does and she’s still looking for more. This incredible actress (acting is where her heart is) is a non-stop energetic competitor who can keep up with any other professional actor on the planet.

Yes, she is a model, a highly successful model. Yes, she’s a personal trainer, a very competent one. And yes, she is a fitness professional – a body builder to be more specific. She has even competed in in the UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation. See what I mean when I say energetic? You have to be fit and energetic to compete in that arena. Yes, she’s a beautiful woman too. A dazzlingly ravishing beauty who can grace a magazine cover as well as take command of every scene she is in on a movie set.

Flame Emin commands attention no matter where she is, on a movie sound stage, a TV commercial or a music video. Once she is cast in a role she gives her all to the part. She becomes the character and when you see her on the silver screen it’s as though the character she’s portraying up there really exists. It’s not Flame anymore, but another person. A person who wasn’t a living, breathing human before Flame inhabited her soul and spirit. It’s an amazing transformation.

I once saw this fun and bubbly and yet at the same time, refined young woman play a waitress in a film. The setting was a bar and her character was serving a rude, arrogant customer who insulted her. Well, stand back; because Flame laid into him like she was a Hell’s Angel, she gave him everything he gave her and more. In another movie, she played an entirely different character and she was so convincing that I had to double check to make sure that it was indeed Flame in both roles. It was, of course, and she was terrific.

Flame may look like she is just a fabulously beautiful woman who is getting better looking as each day passes, but there is so much more to this multi-dimensional woman. Her successful acting career is demonstrating that she has more up her sleeve than just plain elegance, grace and extreme attractiveness.

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