“It does not matter where you are from, who your parents are or if you have ever acted before.  If you want it enough and want it for the right reasons, you WILL achieve success in this industry.  But it's a life-long career not a part-time job or hobby.  You can't wait around for a phone to ring.  Go out there and make them want to ring you.”

The Australian actress Lilly Dennis said that when she was asked what advice she would give to aspiring performers. Well said, Lilly! And she definitely knows from experience what she’s talking about. Once she decided to pursue acting as a career she never stopped training, auditioning and acting on the stage and in front of the camera. She never looked back, either, she just kept pushing toward her goal, which was to act full time and to make it a lifetime profession.

She’s been in innumerable plays as a member of The American Academy Theater Company in LA, including And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little, directed by Sandy Martin of Speed, Napoleon Dynamite and Marley and Me fame), Season Greeting, directed by Ian Ogilvy, and her own original one-person show, Chocoholic, which will begin again in June of 2016. Some of her film and TV work include, Foreign Love (for 2016 release), Replacement, the 2016 TV series, The Nice Girls and the feature film currently in production, The Charlie Cure. Lilly’s comic debut in a feature film is in a mockumentary called Flirting and Hurting, in which she plays an Aussie woman who’s obsessed with speed dating. Lilly just completed another film, We Need To Talk, which will premiere in the UK in January 2016, and the U.S. in August of 2016

Lilly probably loves to make people laugh more than anything else on Earth. When asked who she would most like to work with she said that she would have died to work with Lucille ball but it’s a bit late apparently, so she chose the living and breathing and exquisitely fine actress Judy Dench. And who could argue with that? Perhaps she’ll get her wish and work with that fabulous actress, but until then, Lilly plans to make no plans because if you’re an actor, she says, the minute you make concrete plans, something else always comes into play and changes everything. However, she actually does plan to stay in the U.S. and work in film and TV. She also intends to expand her comedic career as well. (She is a very funny lady). But most of all, Lilly plans to use the platform she has been given to bring awareness to people and to make them laugh.