Davina Cole, Actress. That has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? It’s also the truth; Davina Cole is an actress and a fine one at that. She’s been in more theater productions than we can count using several pairs of hands and feet. She also has much film acting experience and once again, the hands and feet aren’t going to help us there. We will mention that Miss Davina graduated from one of the most prestigious acting universities in the UK, Mountain View Academy of Theater Arts. And we will also tell you that besides performing in film and stage she acts on the radio and in TV commercials and is a whiz at voice-overs.

Davina Cole is based in London and has toured the UK several times with theater companies, and she has performed in classics and popular plays such as The Crucible, 1867, and Ask for the Moon. Some of the films she’s been cast in are Flights of Frankie, When Soukhina Disappeared and Therapy Sessions, in which she portrayed the feisty Sandra. You might have caught Davina in the U.S. Discovery Channel production of Sinister Ministers. She played the role of Donna and her contribution was given high praise by critics.

Can Davina do anything else besides acting? The real answer is, “Who cares?” Not to be flippant about that kind of questioning, but it is irrelevant, you know. Next thing someone will want to know is can Davina cook and bake cookies. But we will answer it just this one time, to put the curious to rest. Yes, Davina can do other things besides acting. She can do a great deal of other things besides acting. She speaks Krio, which is the national language of Sierra Leone, where her wonderful parents are from. She also knows how to fence and how to dance. Oh yes, Davina also knows how to write. And we don’t mean just writing a shopping list.

Davina’s writing talents could ultimately eclipse her acting persona but we’re not betting on it. Even though she wrote her own one-man show and went on to be a finalist with at a Los Angeles theater festival, her acting was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the Solo Festival in the UK. So, what’s going on with this amazingly talented woman? Maybe the more precise question would be: What can’t this woman do?

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