Man Forces Cheating Wife Walk Naked Around Busy City

A husband who caught his wife sexting several different men forced her to walk naked around New York City, while filming it on camera.
Please, scroll down for photos. Don’t forget about the video at the end of the article!
This disturbing video footage that recently surfaced online shows a married woman, who reportedly sent her nude pictures to other men and was caught red-handed. Instead of talking about the matter or simply leaving his unfaithful spouse the man decided to get revenge in a rather cruel way.
The woman was first forced to walk down the street, in New York, in a towel – before it was ripped off her

He forced her to strip down, wrap a towel around herself and kicked her out to the busy streets. The embarassed woman is seen walking naked down the road, while her vengeful husband follows her shouting abusive insults and filming the abuse on his phone.
man forces wife walk naked

But her husband ripped the towel from her, which left her completely naked apart from a pair of boots
He is heard yelling in Spanish: “Take off your towel! Co-operate b****. Show what you are, so pretty and so great. She’s a tart. Let’s go. Let’s go. Say hi to the camera and say why you’re doing this. Take off your towel and pay the price for the shame I feel after telling you how pretty you were and that I wanted to start a family with you, but it the meantime you were talking to seven other men.”
man forces wife walk naked

As she tried to walk away from her husband, he followed her insulting
The woman tries to justify herself: “But not to have sex with them.” Which apparently makes him even more angry.
He scoffed: “Oh wow, not to have sex! But conversations about kissing, with “love”, “babe” and the pictures. Take off your towel. You’re going to pay the price like a w****’. Since you’re a w****, pose like a w****. Damn w**** Now the guys you’re talking to will see if you’re worth it, talking to seven men while I was with you.”
man forces wife walk naked

The woman tried to cover up her modesty by wrapping herself in the protective sheet of a motorbike
At one point, he violently rips the towel from her, leaving her completely naked in the middle of the street. And when she asks for giving her the towel back he bluntly says: “This is what you deserve.”

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