Ximena Casillas: the girl who is more than just the girl next door by Katherine Carson

A few days ago I sat down with my good friend and new actress, Ximena Casillas.  We met in a cozy coffee shop, quite late to discuss her dreams and dedication to being a star.  Meeting up with her has been quite a challenge due to her extremely busy schedule, but I lucked out getting this interview.   I wanted people to get to know Ximena the way I do.  I can’t even explain how much I admire her work ethic, passion, and kindness that she shows everyone in her daily life.  Ximena came to America from Mexico City to become a professional actress.  Without further ado, here is Ximena, the girl who is more than just the girl next door.

K: What has been your favorite role as an actress?
X: I’ve been very lucky to play very different and unique characters in my career so far.  But my favorite character that I have been able to play is Sofia in The Charlie Cure.  She is a young woman who has been diagnosed with cancer and who finds that love and laughter are the best cure.  (Pause).  It was actually a very challenging role and it made me grow a lot as an actress and a human being. 

K:  Did you learn anything new from this character?
X: She made me understand how much being sick affects people in your life and that they just want to be there for you.  So you have to open yourself to others in order to heal.  She made me realize how precious life is and that we have to fight for what we want.

K: You are one of the most positive people I have ever met.  How do you remain so positive?  Seriously what is your secret?
X:  I sleep upside down.  (Laughs).  Just kidding.  I try to remind myself why I do things and see the good in every situation.  I have accomplished everything that I have wanted so far because I have never given up.  I really believe that there is no way that you can fail unless you give up.  I also, surround myself with very positive and happy people.

K: While acting seems like your main goal.  You have also written and produced projects as well.  Do you enjoy creating and producing your own material?  What are the challenges of that?
X: I love it!  To be honest I never thought that I could, but once I did I realized that creating a story and being in control is a rewarding experience.  It’s a lot of work.  I really think the hardest part has been financing the projects, but it is definitely something that I want to continue doing.  (Smiles).  But I still have a lot to learn.

K: Since you look quite young, do you grow tired of playing younger roles?  Or do you feel like you have been able to play characters more your age?
X: All the roles that I have played, even roles that are younger than me, have been very challenging.  I think being older than I look and playing younger roles gives me the maturity to play complex young women.  (Laughs).  So no I don’t get tired of it.

K: Is it hard building a career in America with an accent?
X: (Clears throat). Yes. (Laughs).  It was very hard at the beginning.  It was hard to find roles that would fit me.  Especially because I was told many times that I didn’t look Latino enough.  But I also couldn’t play an American because of my accent.
K: How did you deal with that?
X: I kept going and I found different opportunities and people who wanted to work with me no matter where I was from or if I had an accent or not.  And sure enough my confidence to keep going is what made me stand out and prove that I was capable of playing a wide variety of roles.

K: What are your upcoming projects?
X: I was recently offered a role in the feature film Mariposas En Invierno (A Winter’s Butterfly).  This is a project that I am very excited about because it is a project that includes music and requires me to sing.  I will also, continue filming the miniseries Foreign Love, in which I will continue my role as Amelia.

K: What are your hopes for the future?
X: That’s a really hard question.  I hope that I keep working as much as I have so for and even more. (Laughs).  As well as to continue creating socially relative content.

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