EPIC: The High-Quality Dog Retreat Providing Employment Opportunities to People with Disabilities

The Epic Pet Innovation Company (EPIC) is a pet business that cares deeply not only about the dogs that it caters to, but also about its employees. It seeks to provide adults with disabilities the opportunity to contribute to a business environment while enjoying the work they do and sharing their unconditional love with EPIC’s four-legged friends. The company is establishing a full-service dog care facility aimed at providing an amazing experience for dogs and their owners. It will do this by leveraging the latest technologies to render excellent service and quality pet care, and furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere at a competitive price. In addition to day care, EPIC will include dog rescue, overnight care, an on-site veterinarian, groomer, trainer, daily transport service, pet portraits, dog rescue, and dog-related retail products all under one roof.
            EPIC is currently seeking funding for this venture via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. 30-50% of the staff will be individuals with disabilities who are capable of performing certain key tasks critical to the success of this business. Having a nephew with autism, the founder of EPIC, Mark Pfeifer, is aware of the challenges parents of individuals with disabilities face. There are literally thousands of people with disabilities willing to leverage their skills in a work environment. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough opportunities. EPIC seeks to help close this gap.
            Many studies have demonstrated the benefit to both animals and individuals with disabilities when pairing these two groups. EPIC will also pay 25% of the company profit directly to employees’ individual Special Needs Trust. It is a Christian company aimed at changing lives. EPIC can’t solve all the issues that the disabled community faces. However, it can make progress towards improving opportunities for certain disabled adults while providing high-quality dog care at an affordable price, benefitting employees and pet owners alike. Check it out for yourself here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1625448366/epic-epic-pet-innovation-company-epic-staff-busine

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