Cast of Souls –Lila Serezhkina

Lila Serezhkina, is an artist (a multi-dimensional one) who has so many layers and intricate complexities that we feel we could write a book on her -perhaps several volumes. Lila is one of the most interesting artists we have encountered and maybe it’s because she immerses herself in several disciplines instead of only one like many other artists do. She jumps from still photography to PhotoSculptures, to filmmaking, all of which end up being not only beautiful works of art, but also philosophical centerpieces from which passionate conversations arise.
Lila Serezhkina is an artist above all, her higher calling, as we see it, is to explore her inner self along with the outer world she lives in to find new ways to express her artistic tendencies. This unique artist, has mastered all of the skills necessary to be in the top tier of world artists. Her genius discovery of Photosculptures is a totally modern form of art, which is colossal. Her visualization and imagination transcends the limits of the human mind.
We are all familiar with your remarkable technique of forming such an incredible art, how did you come up with the idea?
My passion was to convey the human emotion, no matter if its anger, fear or beauty, it was important for me that my art had meaning and purpose. When I took a shot of models, it was not enough for me to express myself and my ideas. So, I took a course at university in doll making, but they were not human, and that did not satisfy me either.  Later, I started experimenting, exploring new ideas, combining photos with sculpture, playing with different parts, shapes and effects, adding more of technology and creativity. The more I was absorbed in work, the more ideas came.
Can you briefly describe the way of creating the unique Photosculpture?
I find exquisite looking models and with their permission, make a porcelain face mask of their face and then creatively and thoughtfully mix that mask with the model and make an image to tell a story.
Do these fabulous masks carry any meaning?
They evoke feelings of strong curiosity, doubt, fear, attraction, happiness. As art critics say, appreciation for well-made art and among other things, a sense of awe in the whole concept of creativity. Masks represent each individuals soul, which catch the viewer and make them spend time observing them and going deep into thought.
We all know you had that famous and wonderful performance of the extraordinary Photosculpture series in many countries including the US (Miami), Russia (Moscow) and Canada (Montreal).What were the viewer’s opinions and reactions?
Well, there were two types of reactions. One side found Photosculptures mystical and confusing, and they could not stop staring and contemplating. The other half was also bewitched, maybe a little frightened, confused, but were still interested in each mask.
Did you have to change anything after you completed your Photosculptures? If so, how do you approach that?
In any case, the times it did happen, I had to start from scratch and it’s not a bad thing because usually, when I do the same thing twice, the second time I get better at a technical level. Repeating the same image allows me to understand some things that maybe escaped me in the first draft.
Your exhibitions have been published across the world, including Europe, Australia, Japan, and the US. Are there any major differences in publishing methods between the different regions? Also, have you felt the need to adjust your style or content based on the audiences that will see your work?
I try to always be myself as much as possible in every situation. I let go and allow my natural approach to work. I’ve never had to change my approach depending on the country I worked with, because my style is quite characterized. So, when a publisher wants to work with me it’s because he wants this type of illustration.
Do you have any upcoming shows?
Yes, it is the third of the series of Photosculpture, including new effects, technology and I’m already receiving invitations from galleries in Japan, Russia, Australia, China, Germany and of course, from the US. These talks aren’t finalized yet, therefore I cannot give you an exact dates or places of my upcoming shows. Certainly as an author I would be quite interested in demonstrating my works to the world viewer rather than just being limited to one place. Therefore, I am quite open to any new cooperation proposals.
Are you working on any new ideas that you can tell us about?
Of course! Over the last few years, I also became interested in making videos, proceeding from the fact that a video sequence is a picture coming alive, and immediately I came up with ideas on how to intensify my photosculptures with live video. Soon I will develop my photosculptures show into a whole performance.

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