Strings of Hope: A Heartfelt Story about Hope in Times of Hardship

A new film entitled Strings of Hope is on its way, based on the true story of German puppeteer Walter Oehmichen, who built a marionette theatre after the Second World War to bring back hope to the people of his town. This theatre was a huge success, and eventually led to a TV series that was extremely popular in Germany between 1951 and 2005. This short film centers on Walter and his family, and the way in which they triumphed against the odds to create something from nothing.
            Director Eva Merz is currently attempting to finance the film via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. ‘I am interested in inspirational stories that contain everyday magic – moments that make you wonder and stick with you for your entire life,’ she says of her motivation for working on this project. ‘After a year of research about Walter and his family, I saw the moment when his daughter joins him at the carving table as the beginning of something great, a truly life-changing event. I want to shoot this film because it shows how something simple can be a spark for something great.’
            The film will be produced by Melissa Hoppe, the producer behind the Student Emmy- and Student Academy Award-winning short film Stealth, who was also given an award for her work on the Primetime Emmy Awards Show. It boasts cinematography by Edward Salerno Jr., who previously collaborated with Eva on the short film Ars Vivendi, and music from composer Ephraim Peise, who has worked with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and State Orchestra of Berlin and Halle. Strings of Hope promises to be an endearing and inspiring tale of family, hope, and finding light in the dark. Check it out for yourself here.

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