Watch the New Kirtan Music Video Taking the Web by Storm

The term ‘kirtan’ refers to call and response chanting of mantras and names of the Divine. It’s also uplifting, melodic music, with a strong feel-good factor. A new kirtan music video is currently doing the rounds that has got everybody talking about this harmonious, spiritually engaging world music. Entitled ‘GopalaNanda Laal, it features a group of musicians from San Francisco singing joyously and playing a plethora of different musical instruments, including a harmonium, a flute, a violin, an acoustic twelve-string, and a tabla. The skill of the performers and the zest for life that is encapsulated in their music have made it a roaring success, with thousands of dollars being donated to a Kickstarter campaign aimed at financing an album for the group. It’s looking as if it could be the next big thing in world music.
            The performers behind the song were gathered together by an American musician and teacher who goes by his given spiritual name ‘Mangalananda’. The album that they are aiming to release is a collection of simple, singable, uplifting mantra chants that are musically inspiring, spiritually enlivening. and emotionally clearing. Kirtan isn’t just music for the ears; it’s music for the soul. It’s said to have a healing, revitalizing, and uplifting effect, and bring peace and happiness to those chanting. Perhaps this album will be capable of bringing about a little bit more tranquility in an otherwise chaotic world. If the group’s video is anything to by, it will no doubt be an overwhelming success.

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