Writing in this field gives me a lot of opportunities to watch actors’ reels. Some are so-so, some need a great deal of work, some are mildly memorable and then there are those few that stand out from the herd and make you want to watch them again. They are the ones that have a bit of magic in them, something special that draws you in and compels you to keep your eyes fixed on the screen, lest you miss something.

Amber Elizabeth’s reel was like that. In the span of only a few minutes I saw this beautiful young woman knock a gun out of a man’s hand and then punch him in the face. I saw her play another character sitting in a park telling her erstwhile boyfriend that she was pregnant and then she switched over to a fast talking uneducated gun-toting broad who damaged the English language every time she opened her mouth. Of course, being able to portray all of these all these disparate roles means that Amber Elizabeth has range.

Yes, and quite a range it is. Most actors are lucky if they can do one character throughout their whole life, let alone a multitude of personas like Ms. Amber has demonstrated. Her short films alone, and there is a seemingly endless litany of them, shows her in all of her true colors, playing character after character, no two being of the same likeness. Her feature films, like the MGM produced Me Before You, showed off her acting skills on the big screen where you have to be convincing if you’re an actor. Each of the numerous commercials she’s been involved in, have brought a new character to the TV screen that have been just as believable. Such is the talent of this British woman from Farnham Surrey, a town just a stone’s throw from London.

Amber has great talents in other fields too. She is an artist and has a diploma in Fine Arts from one of the top art universities in Great Britain. If she didn’t have such a passion for acting she could make a very healthy living with her artwork. Her portraits are amazing as are her scenes in a category titled America. Her artwork is similar to her acting in that she is constantly bettering herself and seeking new ways to express her emotions and personality through the arts. Amber is an interesting person who has marvelous gifts and she definitely knows how to use them.

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