Soldier mother who is charged with abusing and beating her daughter to death posed for Photoshopped images

Mr Jo obliged, as he first thought he was helping a grieving mother, and has completed hundreds of similar requests in the past as part of his One More Time series.
Then, when he asked Ditty how the girl died, she said the youngster had choked on a banana when she had a stomach ache.
He told the Daily style Entertainment that Ditty showed him a photo of Macy Grace she wanted to use. She then said she wanted a picture of them reading her favorite book, The Giving Tree, together.
Mr Jo said he could work with it, and started taking the pictures. After finishing the shoot, he decided not to charge Ditty because of the tragic circumstances.
But he then found out she was arrested.
      'People started sharing the story on Facebook,' he told Daily style Entertainment. 'I asked myself: "How could she do this?"
'I then felt disgusted by what I had done. People started calling me a mockery and I started to lose sleep over what happened.
'I look like the bad guy, even though initially did it to help out a grieving mother. It blew up in my face.
'It's hard knowing your work is attached to something so brutal. 
Despite the negative response, the photographer decided to share the pictures after sending all of them to a detective looking into the case.
 More update about the case is coming up soon

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