The revolution in dance starts right here, right now. And it begins with Yasha Jacob Michelson at his Mimoda Studio in the heart of Los Angeles. Yasha thinks everyone should explore the beauty of movement and discover the pleasure of dance. That is one of his slogans by the way and he fully believes that all humans should be dancing not only for their pleasure, but for their health and mental welfare also. If you ask him he will certainly tell you that dance is a physical pleasure like sex and food, only with no side effects. He’ll also let you know that dance, especially his Dance Jazzo, is the only physical art form that can address health and psychological issues along with enabling one to stay in peak physical condition.

Yasha is a dancer, an artist, a designer, theater director and an alternative health business professional – and an astute businessman. Dance to Yasha is at once a distinct pleasure, a hobby, a sport, an art and theatrical movement and a business.
He has been dancing for many years and has studied every major dance style so he knows that dancing is not only a lot of fun for people but it is an affordable activity that is not very demanding. The only thing you need is music and some people to dance with. However, a lot of people prefer to dance alone and that is fine and some people dance without music - only with a beat, like your own heart beat, so in theory, you only need your own two feet and a desire to dance. With that being said, dance is the only physical form of art and  the most accessible  form of fitness and work out  and  you can dance anywhere, anytime, either alone or with other lovers of the fabulous art of dancing.

Yasha developed Dance Jazzo after studying all styles of dance intensely for many years. He discovered that dance has the power to take the place of physical workouts and meditation, both of which can enhance our physical, mental and emotional health. He also believes that traditional meditation does not suit everybody and there is a need for dynamic meditation .Yasha believes there are many people with such intense mind and intense life style that they reject  traditional static meditation and they might be in need of dynamic meditation where  they  can relax without stopping while their body enjoys the pleasure of dance..

All these benefits are combined in Dance Jazzo in SlowMotion  which he calls also a meditative aerobics. He realizes that many of us don’t have the time to go the gym and work out or take the time to meditate to keep our minds clear and working at optimal speed. It’s offshoots Jazzo Bodysophy and Theater Jazzo can actually be more fun, cost less and take less time than the other aforementioned activities. Dance Jazzo can also increase your body’s aerobics benefits while at the same time allowing your mind to focus in a meditative manner. Dance Jazzo in slowmotion is practiced at Yasha’s Mimoda Studio in Los Angeles, California.

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