22 things you only know if you were around for the start of social media network

1. Before there were likes, favourites and retweets there was only one way to spread the love – by giving actual love on Bebo of course. They were totted up on your profile for all to see so it was pivotal you had a constant stream of red hearts, or you'd face public shame. 
2. Blood, sweat and tears went into ensuring your mates sent you love. Arguments erupted if you noticed they'd been giving it to their other friends more than you.
3. The top sixteen (Bebo) or top eight (Myspace) caused an equal amount of scandal. "Why am I on the bottom row?"
4. If you and your mate had a falling out you rushed back from school so you could remove them from your line up.
5.The most important decision was who your other half would be. If you and your bf broke up it was time to start grovelling to the mate you dumped the month before. Awks.
6. You would relish in providing the story of how you met when you made a new friend on Bebo. You'd select 'Don't know them' if you were really down for bantz.
7.You did lame quizzes and posted them. Have you ever kissed a boy/girl? What are you wearing? When was the last time you cried?
8. You spent hours searching for the perfect profile cover on Myspace or for a 'skin' on Bebo. It was the start of the inspirational quote.
9. Myspace Tom was legit your first crush. It was probably the white t-shirt that did it. So chic. What a guy.
10. Before there were Instagram filters we had to slum it on PhotoShop. But you didn't have a clue what you were doing - you'd just amp up the exposure and call it a day.
11. You became a part time web designer and messed with the HTML so you'd have the slickest layout.
12. Choosing your profile song was legit the hardest decision. You agonised, finally went for Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle only to see your mate had chosen the same one.
13. You 'owned' photos. What was that even about? "So pretty – can I own?" "Nicole already asked but you can half own it."
14. Before there was Insta-famous there was Myspace-famous. At least one of your friends claimed they were.
15. Myspace launched careers (see Adele) and you had one annoying 'friend' who would post videos of them singing in an attempt to emulate the success. Give it a rest love – it's not gonna happen.
16. MSN messenger was the pre-curser for Facebook Chat. The OG of online messaging services, some may say. It was everything to you: dating site and gossip grape vine all rolled into one, and really facilitated you becoming you online, you know.
17. But in many ways, it was much better than Facebook Chat.  Way more sophisticated. Because there was so much you had to think about. What song lyrics could you pick that would simultaneously suggest you were cool yet mildly emotional? It was #deep.
18. Thanks to MSN, you developed a completely new language that baffled your parents and made you sound cool AF. LOL, BRB, TTYL, ASL and WUBU2 all rolled off the tongue for you, and in hindsight you can now totally relate to the term 'digital native'.
19. You were so technically sound that you knew how to turn certain words into code for stickers (animated emojis before emojis existed). You'd type LOL and it would automatically become the crying laughing emoji - you were so the future.
20. Countless hours were spent abusing SmarterChild. You wonder how the Californian robot is doing now and if he's still being polite to abusive teenagers.
21. Before there was Facebook official there was MSN official. Which simply consisted of including your boyfriend's name in your username with a shitload of hearts. There was no 'it's complicated' option back then, either. You were either together or you weren't.
22.  When everyone started moving over to Facebook you hated it. Myspace was the Titanic, Facebook was the Atlantic Ocean. You were Rose, waiting for the last possible moment to jump. One thing's for sure though - you'll never let go of your social media roots.

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