According to science, this is how often you should be washing your bedsheets

There's not many places on earth that can make us happier than our beds. But it turns out that lurking in your bedsheets are thousands of gross creepy-crawlies, bacteria and bugs.  
From fungi to bacteria, sweat and dead skin cells, not to mention... ahem, 'human fluids' - the amount of crap that accumulates in your sheets every single night, is actually kind of terrifying.
Philip Tierno of the New York University School of Medicine told  Metro: "Stuff like that accumulates to become significant usually between one or two weeks. Bottom line, [your sheets] should be washed probably on the average of once a week."
But despite being just good hygiene, do we need to worry about what affect this has on our skin? Could the bacteria in your bedsheets actually be making you breakout? 

The 'Cosmetics Cop' and founder of Paula chioce, Paula Begoun told
"The frequency of washing your sheets is all about hygiene not skin care. Even if you were to never launder your sheets it would be highly unlikely (and we're talking almost impossible) for it to affect the health of your skin.
"The exception to this would be if you wear a ton of greasy, thick, or heavy styling products that could get transferred to the sheets and the pillow itself. This could technically then be transferred to your skin - but the majority of it would be absorbed into your sheets and not cause skincare problems."
Phew. So basically, not washing your sheets might mean you're a bit grubby - but it won't give you acne.