Australian actress Robyn Duse is tipped for big things in Hollywood.

Robyn Duse is well on the way to a continued road of success, only this time with some Hollywood feature films on her agenda.

Robyn’s recent trip to LA enabled her to mingle with some of the entertainment industry’s top casting directors from Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, We’re the Millers, Bridesmaids, Wedding Crashers, Girl Interrupted, E.R, 7th Heaven just to name a few -and many of whom are eagerly anticipating her return for some future acting roles.

While recently looking over Robyn’s CV, it certainly stands out as being heavy in substance and proves how she has a real knock out power with her training background and incredible body of work. Her film and television achievements were substantial and lengthy while also, quite extensive. After reading all of the stories and legendary names listed under the simple heading, ‘Training’ I knew that this young woman was serious about her career and serious about reaching for the stars. Her agent, (yes, she has an agent) just signed her on for several movie roles, which will be going into production shortly, while she also recently signed with a US manager which she feels very fortunate and ecstatic about.

Robyn, of course, has been acting, along with singing and dancing, since she was young, so she certainly has the talent and experience to achieve anything in the business that she sets her eyes on. Just like the Aussie actors and actresses who have come to Hollywood before her, Robyn is excelling and achieving at a rate of knots, with lots more on the way for this young talented actress and there is no stopping her determination.

The sheer volume of her achievements in TV and film work is beyond amazing and includes such productions as: Love of a Mother, INXS- Never Tear Us Apart, House Husbands, The Vortech, Daughter, Neighbors, Secret Life of Us, Peep Tempel Music Video, an American/Australian production that is set to hit theaters Darkness Falls among many, many more.

Robyn recently filmed an Australian/US web series that is rumored to be hitting TV networks and she counts this as one of the most exciting projects she has worked on.

She also portrayed the character of ‘Amy’ which was an enjoyable role for her to play.The series is a drama about two couples Amy and Jim, (Amy played by Robyn) Michael and Janis who are romantically involved and they both think each other is the ‘The One' and that they will never meet anyone like them ever again. However, they both have secrets and suspect one another is not being completely honest. 

Robyn also portrays the character of a judge in the upcoming US/Australian feature film ‘What Comes Around Goes Around’ and an interesting new role for her to delve into. The film is about a newlywed couple that are having a wonderful time starting their lives together until a terrible tragedy occurs and ends it all.

Next she portrays the character of ’Sapphire' in the soon to be completed feature film ‘Iniquitous,’ scheduled for release in late 2016, early 2017 which is a dramatic thriller about four people’s lives that are destroyed when they each seek outside support in their personal lives. Robyn’s character ‘Sapphire’ is a very exciting dark role for her with lots of layers, depth and substance where she plays a prostitute.

Robyn has since been informed of an upcoming feature film, which will be filmed in Los Angeles in 2017 which is still in discussion and of course, a top secret! Many other auditions are also coming her way as the future looks bright and spectacular for this beautiful and talented actress.

We look forward to seeing more of this talented Aussie who already has Hollywood talking.


  1. I love this, I can't wait to see you at Hollywood Robyn Duse, I am your number one fans.

  2. We love you please keep this going.....