Daddy dressed up his Daughter in Best Outfit

Meet Pete Fuentes aka The Daddy Fashion Stylist and his adorable five-year-old daughter, Harlow, from Melbourne, Australia. He’s become an Instagram sensation by posting pictures of Harlow in really stylish designer outfits.

“Dressing Harlow up was nothing new to me, since I had been dressing her up since the time she was a baby,” Fuentes told Daily style Entertainment. “The name The Daddy Fashion Stylist is a play on words. I am a daddy. I love fashion. And, I am Harlow’s stylist. It just makes sense,’ Mr Fuentes told Daily Mail Australia, adding that he isn’t a stylist for a profession.”

“I am a full-time daddy. From running around to various play dates throughout the week, dance classes on the weekends, and keeping some organisation in our home – it’s a big job, but the most rewarding one I’ve ever had.”

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