Does Expensive Nail Polish Really Last Longer?

 You can spend a little or a lot on nail polish, but if the ultimate goal is to achieve a glossy, long-lasting manicure, we just had to know: is there really a difference between $5 and $25 polish?
When it comes to longevity, Nail Expert Holly L Schippers at the Fingernail says price doesn’t tend to determine how long polish will last so much as application and the condition of the nails. In some cases, Schippers says, the high price of department store nail polishes or lacquers is a reflection of its popular name brand and has little to do with quality. “The ‘luxury’ brands are like luxury clothes–you’re paying for the label,” Schippers says.
When it comes to longevity, there is really very little difference between a $50 polish and $5 polish. What truly matters is how you treat your nails and apply polish, Schippers says. “Polish should be applied in thin layers and fast dry polishes need about a minute between coats to prevent bubbling,” Schippers explains. “A quality base coat and a top coat applied thin to seal the color will add longevity to the manicure as well. If the polish is touching the skin, expect it to chip. Same thing applies if the nails are not clean.”
Yet another good excuse to buy as many Essie shades as your heart desires–as if you needed one.
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