Justin Beiber Undergoing a Luxurious Massage

Justin Bieber is a busy man. If you follow him on Snapchat, you know that he is hard at work starting trends, stripping down and saying "Sorry" so we completely understand his need for a little TLC.
Friend and Shots app cocreator John Shahidi took to Instagram to show that despite being on tour, Justin manages to carve out time in his schedule for self-indulgence. It seems that when preparing for his concert in Glendale, AZ, the pop star called in three masseuses for some bodywork.
Not only can you see that he's getting his scalp, hands, and feet massaged simultaneously, but that he's also undergoing cupping therapy. Like  cupping is an ancient Chinese technique. It uses suction (and sometimes heat) and is believed to reduce pain and alleviate muscle knots and swelling. Though this sounds painful, Justin looks like he's in a state of bliss.
We wish we were getting a six-hand massage right now — we're definitely jealous of Justin. Not only is "Love Yourself" one of his top hits, it appears to be his mantra, too.
Justin Bieber due to his Hardwork many people in the world look at him as MENTOR to follow. Justin Bieber at his young age have created a life career for himself and generation.
The big question is how many people want to be a World star like JUSTIN BIEBER?

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