Sister Agnes is here, watch your mouth. Okay, she’s not the real Sister Agnes, she’s the well-known British actress Suzanne Roche. She only played Sister Agnes in the popular horror film Saint Dracula 3D, which by the way, was selected to participate in the Cannes Film Festival.

Suzanne has been in so many films that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with her. We run out every time her movies come to the cinema and we have most of the DVDs of her work, which is pretty extensive. Anyway, lately she’s been filming a web series called Self Tape, which shot in Los Angeles, where Ms. Roche is currently living. (How convenient!) We haven’t seen any footage yet but we intend to see every episode as long as Suzanne is in them.

She has worked with a lot of talented people over the last few years, such as David Tennant on Casanova for BBC/ITV and Justin Currie, the extremely popular Del Amitri front man– she was the star in his music video If I Ever Loved You. Suzanne has such a long list of films on her resumé that we simply can’t mention them all here. But we can name a few, such as, I Love you. Over., Sunset, Roofrapper, Out of The Box, The Honey Jar, The Collection…okay, I’m tired – that’s enough. Or, is it? Did we mention Open Mind, Kunthapura, One For The Road or Road Fill? Believe it or not, there are still more that we haven’t even gotten to.

Suzanne is a modest woman and she is quite humble too. I don’t know if she would like us bragging about her like this or talking about all the films she has done. But, hey…someone has to do it, don’t you think? I mean, Suzanne just likes to act for the most part and she really doesn’t want to bother about all of this, that is, sharing her resumé with the world. She likes to act and then she relaxes at home or travels, which can be pretty relaxing also.

The main thing we want to say here, even if Suzanne gets a bit miffed with us, is that we love to watch her act. Her acting inspires us to see our own humanity a little clearer each time she walks into a scene. We think it’s the realism she brings to all of her characterizations, that and the fact that she is so likeable. Well, enough said for now. Go out and watch Suzanne Roche in something. Anything! You’ll love her.

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