The One Thing You Should Not Do When Buying New Sneakers

Sneaker shopping can be misleading. You see an aesthetically pleasing pair and think, Sneakers are comfortable, as long as they’re the right size, they’ll be perfect. WRONG. Sneakers can be wildly uncomfortable if they’re not the right sneakers for you — yes, there is such thing! Everyone has different feet and some sneaker styles just don’t work on all of them. So regardless of size, make sure the feel is right for you!
Stan Smiths might be the sneaker of the moment (Last week alone, I counted 6 pairs in my class of 15 people), but maybe they just don’t work for your feet! I’ve come across this issue with TOMS shoes—so annoying, but it’s not worth crying over weird-fitting shoes.
So, if you’re looking to invest in a new pair, make sure you try them on first. Don’t order online unless you’ve already tested them out and know they’re the sneaks for you.