TV Recap 'The Real Housewives of Dallas' Recap: LeeAnne Locken Slams Brandi Redmond's Parenting Skills, Says Her Daughters Won't Have 'Class'


Take it off! The Real Housewives of Dallas' Monday, April 25, episode kicked off with a “girls night out” featuring Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond, whose husband was out of town for work. Brandi said of her best gal pal, “If Stephanie was a lesbian, I would definitely marry her.” 
Magic Mike: Dallas Edition
After Cary met up with her pals, and a few drinks were imbibed, Stephanie suggested they head to a male strip club! As soon as they got there, Stephanie and Brandi were both greeted with a familiar hug by an employee. A shocked Cary said to the camera, “Oh, my God — are they regulars? ... I know owners of restaurants … not male strip clubs.”
The girls continued to have a fun and wild night, with Brandi even getting onstage to show one of the male dancers how it’s done. The strip club announcer said to Brandi over the mic, “If you’re on stage any longer, we’re gonna give you a job.” You go, girl!
LeeAnne Slams Brandi’s Parenting Skills
Tiffany Hendra showed up at LeeAnne Locken’s house for some good old-fashioned day drinking, Dallas-style (wine with ice cubes). Tiffany tried to put the poop-hat incident into perspective for her charity-obsessed friend, saying, “That was funny!” She went on to explain, “If this was L.A. or New York, people wouldn’t give a s--t.”
LeeAnne, however, stood her ground, insisting that Brandi’s irreverent headwear crossed the line. She even went on to slam the ex-cheerleader's parenting skills. “I feel sorry for her daughters ‘cause I don’t know how those girls are gonna grow up. Won’t be with class,” said the self-proclaimed “carny kid” before she took a long sip from her glass of red wine with ice cubes in it.
Stephanie to Brandi: There’s No Shame in Your Male Strip-Club Game
Later on at Stephanie’s house, a melancholy Brandi revealed to Stephanie that her husband is upset with her over the strip-club night. Brandi said, “We used to party all the time, and now he gets upset when I do.” Stephanie insisted that her friend didn’t do anything wrong, adding, “Guys don’t understand that girls' versus guys' strip clubs are so different. It’s like 'NSync taking their clothes off and dancing.” If only it were actually Justin Timberlake and his pals, we’d watch THAT Magic Mike sequel!
Brandi Shows Her Vulnerable Side
Later on in the episode, we got to see a somewhat tense interaction between Brandi and her husband. Afterward, she told the camera in tears, “I don’t know what happened to us. We were high school sweethearts, and now I feel like I don’t even know him. It hurts to feel like you are giving someone all of you, and then you don’t feel it in return.”
Cary Slams LeeAnne for Not Being a "Dallas Socialite"
LeeAnne decided it was important to invite Stephanie and Cary to lunch to warn them that fraternizing with the likes of Brandi could get them ostracized from the charity scene. LeeAnne kicked off the lunch by sharing print-outs of a local news blog that did a write-up on Brandi’s poop hat. Then in a choreographed move, LeeAnne pulled out a piece of fake poop and placed it on the table while saying, “S--t is not appropriate at charity events.”
Cary, who had just come out of performing surgery for seven hours, said to the camera, “She brought props and handouts to lunch? Are we seriously having a meeting about this right now? I have so many more important things to do.” Cary and LeeAnne then got into a bit of a yelling match, and Cary pointed out that it’s not “her place to defend her hat.”
LeeAnne explained, “The point is your reputation is who you are with.” Then in a bizarre move, LeeAnne tried to invoke age seniority, saying, “If I'm 10 years your senior, I deserve respect.” Cary responded by calling LeeAnne out point-blank, saying, “Why are you trying to act like this Dallas socialite? You have to be born into that.” LeeAnne left the table, saying with venom, “If you think this is a fight, you don’t even ‘effin know me, bitch.” Oh, snap! Looks like Cary and LeeAnne are in for some troubled waters.
Tell Us: Does LeeAnne need to let go of the poop-hat incident, or is this fight turning into something else entirely?
The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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