Wife reveals she split from her Navy veteran husband at 36, because of his 'mid-life crisis' behaviour... which was later tragically diagnosed as the symptoms of DEMENTIA

A wife who separated from her husband because he was spending money extravagantly and talking to women on dating sites has revealed he in fact had dementia. 
Pippa McCulloch first saw changes take place in her beloved husband John at the age of just 36. 
The former Navy veteran, who served in Bosnia, began taking sweets from their three children and buying expensive gadgets they didn't need.
Her 'superman', who was a loving and devoted husband, began to drift away, both physically and mentally. 
Tension between the couple from Southport, in Merseyside, grew. Pippa thought John was having a mid-life crisis or had changed his behaviour because he was fed-up with his job abroad.

He became unpredictable and spent money casually and extravagantly. Broken TVs were quickly replaced with expensive models but at the time Pippa wasn't checking the family finances. 
She later found he'd spent £8,000 on music downloads. 
Speaking to the Daily style Entertainment, she said: 'I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was different, only that it was as if someone had replaced my husband with his evil twin. 
'I even felt at one point that his laugh had changed. It was eerie, but I didn’t feel I could tell anybody. I just focused on the children and hoped it was a phase, thinking "all couples" go through rough patches, don’t they?’
Over months his personality radically changed as well. The kind, gentle, respectful man who gave up life in the Navy to see their three children grow up became uninterested in family life and friends.

And John sometimes became short-tempered which Pippa would blame on the children acting up or the housing being messy. Never once did she think her fit and active husband had early-onset dementia. 
In all of this Pippa was desperate to save her marriage and didn't want to lose her husband who she had fallen in love with at just 18. 
Was it his job working for a security firm in Sri Lanka? Was he on the run? Perhaps he had witnessed a terrible trauma that he couldn't bear to face? All of these possibilities would race through Pippa's mind. 
But it eventually became apparent over the months that he had 'lost all interest in us'.
The point of no return came when he started talking to other women on dating sites.  
Pippa was upset and angry, but she thinks her wounded pride blinded her from seeing what was really happening to her husband. 
She decided to separate from John who greeted the news with laughter. As Pippa told their children Lewis, Alex and Amy she found him in the next room buying more clothes online.

He had to go and live with his sister near Glasgow. But his family became quickly concerned with his behavior and how he had changed.
While apart John starting sending lewd messages to Pippa and on their son's birthday he sent a photograph of a topless woman. 
His mother and sister then forced him to see a GP who initially struggled to realise there was a problem. 
Now waiting for the results of a brain scan, Pippa thought he had a tumour. But as she received the telephone call she was in fact told her husband had dementia at the age of 41.
Since his diagnosis he has deteriorated rapidly and now lives in a care home near the family residence. 
Pippa said he can no longer speak or do anything for himself. The children have struggled with his dramatic decline and barely see him, she said.
She said she felt 'truly lucky' to have had the years of 'blissful happiness' they did.
'This is the long goodbye you hear about with dementia patients,' she said. 
'But he is my husband and I love him, so I’m in it for the long haul - even if I never expected to be doing this at 42.' 

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