Behind the Blinds AKA Filmmaking 101


Behind the Blinds is a web series with impressive production value and an interesting concept.I love the unexpected mixture of a mafia thriller with a movie-making comedy. Dylan Stretchbery does a great job of selling both the tense moments and the comedic moments as the relatable script writer Ryan Cohen. In fact, his character might be what keeps this series moving forward. Out of the 15 characters introduced in the first 8 episodes, he’s 1 of 2 that made me feel anything.

Having Ryan stand out may have been intentional, but I don’t think the series means to lean on him as much as it does. Unfortunately, all of the other characters are so kooky and underdeveloped that it seems like the writing is going more toward making them believable than making them funny. My greatest wish for Behind the Blinds is that it had less characters and more funny dialogue.

So far, the series has had some great character moments and a couple convincingly tense moments. Though it lacks the humor to make it a great comedy, I will definitely keep watching Behind the Blinds to see where the story goes.

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