Drake Loves The ‘90s And Proves It 9 Times On Views

Drank's affinity for cultural references has been apparent throughout his work, and it’s no different on Views.
While he makes nods to everything from Eddie Murphy’s 1983 movie Trading Places to Vince Carter’s legendary 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest performance, there are several allusions to the 1990s that pop up across the album’s 20 tracks. Aubrey’s ‘90s influences have been well-documented before — from Aaliyah to Andre 3000 — and his connection to that wonderful decade continues here.
But the ‘90s were a long time ago. So if you need a little primer on what he’s talking about, consider yourself Aladdin, and me Genie, and below, the granting of your first wish. Get it? ‘Cause that movie came out in the ‘90s.

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