How To Prevent Pimples On Your Face

It may seem like the luck of the draw–will your latest pimple disappear without a trace or will it become one of those zits that leave nasty scars behind? The truth of the matter is this, you may be creating your own misery when it comes to pimples and scars. There are three steps you can take to prevent pimples from scarring, says Dr. Michael Connor, one of the founders of Scaralogy and one of them includes using a skincare product you need to know about.
“Scars from pimples develop from disruption of the natural skin architecture due to persistent or significant inflammation and trauma,” Connor says. “Inflammation is a normal reaction, but add to it the trauma of continuously trying to ‘pop a pimple’ or express something from it and there is permanent damage to the skin.”
Connor recommends three simple steps you should take when you get a pimple, blackhead or whitehead to keep it from leaving a permanent mark below:
1. Only pop a pimple that wants to be popped. “The number one most important rule is to avoid aggressively traumatizing the skin by trying to express as much fluid from the pimple as possible,” Connor says. “Express whiteheads and blackheads only if they are willing to express easily”
2. Treat tender pimples with extreme caution. “My philosophy is if it is tender to the touch, use cool compresses to reduce inflammation until the tenderness improves,” Connor says. “If a pimple is not tender, use warm (not scalding) compresses for a minute or so followed by a very gentle massage after the warm compress. Then, leave it alone!”
3. Use products that work, specifically, on scars. If you do wind up with a scar from a pimple, do your research before you throw away a lot of money on products that aren’t going to do a whole lot. “ for acne scars was designed with two philosophies in mind,” Connor says. “Acne scarring can improve with gentle daily exfoliation and softening of the underlying scar. It takes time so patience and persistence are essential to improving the appearance of acne scars. Scarology is the only step-wise approach for scar therapy.”Scarology is a two-product system that you use every morning and night. A thin layer of the natural fruit acid exfoliator should be massaged over your scar for 1-3 minutes before applying Ultimate Scar Cream, which is designed to hydrate and reduce inflammation. At night, you apply the Scar Cream followed by self-adhesive Silicone Scar Sheets. The system should be used for at least three months before you expect to see results–and older scars can take up to 6-12 months to heal. Be patient, be persistent, and most importantly, hands off pimples that want to be left alone!

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